St. Louis Area Foodbank


The following profiles of partner agencies are just a small sampling of the more than 350 food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, and emergency feeding programs supported by the St. Louis Area Foodbank.
Dart  The newest member of the St. Louis Area Foodbank is also the focus of this Agency Spotlight.  DART, which is an acronym for Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation and Treatment, started serving the community in 1969, under the name Acid Rescue.  It's first function was as a hotline for people in St. Louis to call and speak with a trained person about recovery.  more >

Agape SDA  On any given day, most days of the week, you will find one, if not both of the directors of Agape SDA shopping at the St. LouisArea Foodbank.

Lillie Hopkins and Mardel Coats are dedicated to their pantry, their clients, and their mission. At ages 66 an 68, respectively, these two women have the strength, compassion and endurance necessary to operate their large food pantry and hot meal program.  more >

Operation Tiff Food Basket   Hidden among the trees in rural Washington County, Missouri stands Operation Tiff Food Basket.   Seemingly held together by sheer will, it's dilapidated structure is in desperate need of repair.  The ceiling is caving in, and the floor of the rear room is home to water run-off after a rain storm.  In addition, the building is not air-conditioned, so service to clients is compromised due to the heat. more >

Epworth Children & Family Services   Epworth provides essential youth development services to help children overcome severe emotional and behavioral challenges through residential treatment, intensive 24-hour treatment, and the Epworth School. more >

The Peace Pantry, as it is now known, is located in Cedar Hill in Jefferson County, Missouri.   It was first incorporated under the Catholic Church, and then gained its independence in 1998. >>more

Grace Hill opened its site at 7925 Minnesota on the St. Louis City’s south side in 1962. Mary Christman, the food pantry director, has worked at Grace Hill for sixteen years, and has seen many changes in the programs offered.  >>more

Our Little Haven is a residential home for children aged 0-7 years.   The children that come to Our Little Haven are wards of the State and are placed there to receive therapy and counseling for abuse neglect  and pre-natal drug exposure.  >>more

Bunkum Road Kids Cafe and Lansdowne Community Center are two programs run out of the same building, by the same staff.  The Kids Cafe has been operating since December of 1997 and the food pantry opened its doors in September of the following year.  >>more

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